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HEATBOARD UNDERFLOOR HEATING PANEL ensures comfortable and energy-efficient heating when used in underfloor heating systems. With features such as high heat conduction, strength, waterproofing, and easy installation, it is a preferred insulation material.

Flammability Class
  • A1
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Thermal insulation - Minimum energy loss

Providing high thermal insulation performance with a thermal conductivity calculation value of 0.044 W/mK, the product does not lose its thermal insulation feature and durability throughout the life of the building. The excellent thermal properties of the product, keeping the heat outside in hot weather and inside in cold weather, are provided by the small pores in its structure filled with stagnant air.

Absolute fire protection – never flammable

The product is 100 percent safe against fire. It is classified as “A1 class non-combustible” building material. It provides absolute safety in case of fire, does not emit any toxic gas or smoke even at the highest temperatures. With the product, facades and thermal insulation solutions in accordance with fire regulations can be created safely without taking additional precautions and without risk of fire, including for high-rise buildings.

Breathable construction – comfortable interior

The product is completely mineral based and open to water vapor diffusion. It does not carry any biological and microbiological defects. Breathing walls provide a healthy living environment in the building by preventing the formation of moisture, mold, fungus and microorganisms that affect the comfort of life. Even when wet, its durability does not decrease. It creates a comfortable indoor environment by providing a balanced temperature and humidity level in the building. Both surfaces of the Product Heat Insulation Board are treated specially to prevent them from being waterproof.

Environmentally friendly – ecological

The product is produced from natural raw materials such as sand, lime, cement and water. It does not contain any substances that cause environmental pollution and are harmful to human health. Fully recyclable. It has the NaturePlus certificate and the Environmental Label (EPD) issued by the German Institute for Construction and Environment (IBU).

Alfa Styrofoam Quality Certificate
Alfa Styrofoam Quality Certificate


External Sheathing System

It is a non-combustible and mineral-based, breathing thermal insulation solution for exterior thermal insulation of buildings.

Ceiling Thermal Insulation System

It is the most suitable thermal insulation material for basement and car park ceilings due to its high thermal insulation performance, non-flammability and easy application.

Exterior Systems

This solution is economical and ideal for new constructions.